Meet Your Dentist in Ann Arbor

“I have a passion for helping people look and feel their best. I consider my patients to be the most important aspect of my profession and their health and well-being is the truest measure of my success. I am a strong advocate of preventive and minimally invasive dentistry and believe in educating patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent disease. Compassion and empathy are key qualities in a practitioner; as such, I take pride in being a good listener to my patients and feel that it is an essential element in providing good care.” – Dr. Kuthiala

Dr. Kuthiala’s passion for dentistry has seen her through the completion of dental school at the University of Bristol in the UK, her Doctorate in Dental Surgery from the University of Colorado, and her residency in general dentistry from the University of Detroit Mercy. Although she enjoys all aspects of dentistry, restorative procedures are amongst her most preferred. By updating her clinical knowledge through continuing education courses, Dr. Kuthiala makes it her duty to provide patients with high quality care. She enjoys courses in restorative dentistry, same-day crowns, implant restoration, and pain management.

Dr. Kuthiala has lived in Michigan since 2012 with her husband to whom she has been happily married since 2008. They are the proud parents of a rambunctious (almost) two-year-old son, who decided to start early on his “terrible twos.” Dr. Kuthiala loves spending time with her family, be it quiet nights playing with her little boy, traveling to visit family, or just exploring a new destination. She also enjoys reading, gardening, and yoga.

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