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We know that small problems, left untreated become larger and more costly, but often our patients do not. With an emphasis on prevention, we can help our patients to manage their finances as well as their health. Six month visits help to ensure a healthy mouth and help you to catch problems when the treatment is less expensive, because the cost of treatment depends on the severity of the dental problem. You will be able to discuss fees and payment options before treatment begins. We have payment plans to suit different budgets. We also accept assignment from most insurance plans, and file the necessary papers with the insurance company. We work hard to make dental care affordable and to make sure that you fully realize your insurance benefits.


In an effort to keep fees down while maintaining the highest level of professional care, we have established this financial policy:

  • Payment may be collected before services in some cases, and is due at the time of service in all cases. Future appointments will not be made for you or your family if you do not pay on the day of service.
  • If full payment is made at the onset of treatment, we will offer a fee discount since no further book-keeping fee is needed. (If you have insurance, we will offer a discount for payment of your portion of the fee that will not be covered by insurance.)
  • For your convenience, we accept payment by VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, AND CARE CREDIT.
  • We offer College Student and Senior Discounts.
  • We offer annual membership to our discount plan


If you have insurance, we will help you to determine the coverage you have available. Professional care is provided to you, our patient, and not to an insurance company. Thus, the insurance company is responsible to the patient and patients are responsible to the doctor. We will help in every way we can in filing your claim and handling information requests or denials from your insurance carrier on your behalf. However, the patient is responsible for payment for services rendered.

If insurance does not pay for a service or pays less then the cost of the service, the balance is the patient's responsibility. The doctor is not responsible for rejected claims, nor is the doctor responsible to know what your insurance policy covers or does not cover.

In the State of Michigan both parents are responsible for their minor child's services regardless of who brought the child to the appointment or who insures the child.

If you would like to better understand insurance benefits and how we can assist you, please listen to our educational radio program that aired on May 23, 2009.

CareCredit, a GE Money Company, gives you convenient payment options so you can get the procedure you want, when you want it.
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