Dental Bonding in Ann Arbor, MI

Providing Dental Bonding in Ann Arbor, MI


Unlike preformed veneers, bonding involves molding material directly onto your tooth. It can be used either to rebuild a missing part of your tooth or to change the color or shape of your teeth. The material commonly used in bonding is composite resin, which combines the elasticity and durability of plastic with the strength and appearance of ceramics. A unique etching technique helps these materials adhere to your teeth. Bonding is also relatively inexpensive, allows for a polished finish, and keeps your tooth intact. We can bond more than one tooth during a visit. Whether or not bonding is a good choice for you depends on the size and part of your tooth that needs restoration.

Bonding is less expensive than other cosmetic treatments and usually can be completed in one visit to our office. However, bonding can stain and is easier to break than other cosmetic treatments such as porcelain veneers. If it does break or chip, contact us. The bonding can generally be easily patched or repaired in one visit.

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